Update – July 7, 2020

To all staff:

As the province of Ontario enters Phase Two of their framework plan for reopening the province and the government continues to ease the restrictions that are in place, we continue to monitor the financial hurdles that we must get through to get back to what was once normal.

Our business continues to see the benefits of the reopening and Divisional Management has been bringing back employees to work as needed. However, there has been a significant loss to our revenue stream. Our plan is to continue to bring back employees as the business conditions continue to improve and we will be in contact with you when the business needs warrant it.

We will be developing Phase Two of our return to work plan while at the same time formulating a committee to ensure that the effectiveness of our plan will consider that all health and safety measures are in place.

The employees that have returned to work from layoff have returned to work under a temporary agreement in conjunction with the Government of Canada’s Wage Subsidy Plan. The temporary agreement will be in place while the subsidy is in place. During this time period ACI continues to pay the Group Benefit Plan premiums. We contemplate that employees will return to their normal pre-Covid salary in September.

Your direct manager will be in contact with you in the upcoming weeks to review your status.


Be safe and stay healthy.


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